Changing Property Managers

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If your current agency is not managing your property effectively, you might be surprised to learn that you do not need to wait until a lease expires before changing to a new agency who will better communicate and meet your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I consider before transferring to a new agency?
Moving to a new property management agency is surprisingly easy. The first step is to select an agency that meets your needs and requirements. It is recommended not to choose the least expensive agency solely based on cost, as the cheapest option may turn out to be the costliest in the long run. It’s important to consider that inadequate management can lead to unexpected expenses depending on the circumstances.

You should check your existing management agreement before making any decision. It will set out:

  • The length of the agreement (usually 12 or 24 months)
  • The notice period you need to give if you are ending it early
  • Any termination fees you may need to pay

When is it worth changing agencies?
There are a number of factors you may consider before changing your managing agency. This may include:
– Poor communication
– Long vacancy times
– Infrequent or rushed routine inspections
– Change of property manager

What can I expect during the transition process?
Your new property manager should follow a professional process. This will include:
– Signing a new Management Agreement.
– Your new agency will contact the outgoing agency on the same day to begin the changeover process. Some agencies may require your written confirmation of termination, an email should suffice (make sure you copy in your new property manager).
– The outgoing agency may request a termination period, this may be up to 90 days.
– Your new agency will liaise with the outgoing agency and work with the tenants to ensure a smooth transition.

Do my tenants need to sign a new lease?
No, the existing lease remains in place, and your tenants do not need to sign a new lease. The only change will be the agency responsible for managing the property.

Is it necessary for the tenancy to expire before I can switch to new property management services?
You can switch to new property management services at any time if you are unhappy. However, it is generally recommended to change managing agencies during the lease cycle for a smoother transition. This gives the new agency an opportunity to assess your investment and make necessary preparations for lease renewal.

Will changing agencies cause disruption or inconvenience to my tenant?
No, changing agencies will not disrupt or inconvenience your tenant. The only change for the tenant will be the location they send their rent to. The tenant may be experiencing the same issues you are facing with our outgoing agency.

What documents will the old agency provide to the new agency?
During the transition from one property management agency to another, certain standard documents and items need to be transferred. These include:

  • All lease and bond documents
  • Tenancy applications
  • Entry condition report and photographs
  • Tenant/lease ledger
  • All keys and remotes
  • Smoke alarm compliance certificate

Who handles the process of terminating the agreement with the old agency?
Your new incoming agency will handle the entire process from start to finish and keep you updated throughout.

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