Eydie Grant

Originally hailing from Queensland but born in the UK, Eydie made the move to Wagga in 2023 and brings a blend of diverse experiences and a deep passion for real estate to our team. Her fascination with real estate stems from her innate interest in people. Eydie finds joy in connecting with clients from various backgrounds, immersing herself in different cultures, and mastering and learning different systems. Outside of work, Eydie is a true technophile with a knack for 3D modeling and loves working with computers. Her love for technology is balanced by an adventurous spirit, as she relishes the outdoors. Whether it's going on a 4WD expedition or enjoying camping trips with family and friends, Eydie finds solace and excitement in nature. Eydie’s dynamic approach and unwavering enthusiasm make her a valuable addition to our team, dedicated to providing exceptional service and fostering meaningful connections within the community.


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