Investment Management

We understand the importance of finding the right agency to manage your investment.

With Macarthur Real Estate Agency, you can maximise returns with minimal fuss and a team who will offer you peace of mind. We have a team of highly experienced property management professionals who will ensure a reliable income stream and industry leading customer service. Our team are consistently ranked within the Top 100 in Australia in the annual RateMyAgent awards.

Our aim is to assist with capitalising on your investment and ensuring you receive the highest possible rent, reflective of the market. We consider your desired tenants and how to effectively reach them through the strategic pricing of your investment property.

Request a Complimentary Property Appraisal

Our experienced, knowledgeable and personable New Business Manager would love to assist you with your real estate needs. To get started, request a cost and obligation free property report with a current assessment of market rental expectations. Our friendly New Business Manager will be in touch to discuss further.

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